Sunday, June 30, 2013

I love furlough...

            The kids arrived in Denver on the 18th. 

Meeting them at the airport had the feel of Christmas morning for me. 
The excitement that keeps one awake for days with the anticipation of finally getting to open that one special present. 

I haven't seen them for over two years, and the kids have grown TALLER and all around cuter...
It's true.

We've had a marathon week. 
Lots of shopping, cooking, fun, fishing, and firsts. 
How do seat belts work? 
How many dishes does a dishwasher hold? 
What is a pop tart? 
What does greek yogurt taste like? 
What is a fireworks stand? 

I love getting to show and teach them things first!!
A few more days and they will move on to see supporters and more family.


But it feels different letting them go knowing that they will be in the states.



Fun, enjoy your time!!

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